Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing today and with the kind of momentum it is building in the market it is not very far that IoT will be the most asked for technology in the commercial world especially for students who are currently pursuing their studies in the Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science Domains.
So this means there will be flooding of IoT jobs in the near time as the whole industry is keenly waiting for trained IoT professionals coming out of the colleges.
Colleges are making a lot of attempts to introduce the IoT to the necessary stream of students and giving the required knowledge and foundation on IoT. However if any student is keenly interested in pursuing a career in IoT there is a real need to engage themselves with the industry specialists handling IoT.
Techsys IoT Labs (a division of Techsys Automation Pvt Ltd) comes with this industry background and who have the combined edge of understanding the market needs and what needs to be imparted to students from a industry perspective. To enable students get better understanding and expertise on IoT area, Techsys has come up with an innovative approach

Example Use Case

Lets say you are an student probably pursuing Electronics / CSE / IT / Electrical stream and you have an interest to get the expertise in IoT or have an IoT idea that you would like to develop as a demonstrable product or need to design and develop a minor / major IoT project for your academic purposes then you are our right candidate that we are looking for.

  • Associating and getting access to Industry experts in IoT
  • An advanced IoT Lab environment access with full range of components
  • Guidance to elaborate your idea into demonstrable product
  • Help to align your product idea to the industry and to the right / suitable organizations
  • Help to complete your IoT academic project with necessary documentation and kit for submission at your college
  • Opportunity to associate and perform deliverable work on our consulting projects

If you think you have something in common and want to reach out to know more about how we can assist you in your IoT journey please write to or call us on the numbers listed on the website.

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