IoT Internship


Techsys IoT internship program is a unique and innovative model built with the intention of enriching the knowledge seeker student from a academic skill development programme merged along with a industry oriented approach by deploying best practices in terms of practical projects and development life cycle adopted in the industry to achieve best out of the learnings. The programme is echoed with hardware and software in the early stage of students life to make them aware of industry prospects, learning and paving a strong way to a suitable career path Another unique value addition to this Internship program is the combination of knowledge sharing from Veterans of the IT industry spanning across Business of IoT, Technology leaders in Embedded / RTOS / IoT which will help all the internship aspirants to get the best of everything surrounding the IoT space.


  • 1. Comprehensive Course Material
  • 2. Strong practical project experience using sensors with live tools
  • 3. Certification of participation
  • 4. Career Guidance within IoT
  • 5. Exposure to relevant job opportunities

At Techsys we have structured the Internship into two models as follows.

Basic Internship:

This Internship is designed for students who need fundamental knowledge covering software and hardware sorrounding IoT along with providing the opportunity to understand the Industry

Covered Topics:

  • Introduction to IOT
  • Small Real time IoT Project
  • Introduction to Raspberry
  • Sensors
  • Arduino programming

Advanced Internship

In this program, we provide students more deeper and detailed knowledge in software systems, applications, hardware concepts, system architecture and system development sorrounding the IoT world

  • Introduction to IOT
  • Basic concepts of Internet
  • Arduino programming
  • Sensors
  • Introduction to Raspberry
  • Python programming
  • Interface of Raspberry with code
  • Cloud management
  • Medium Size Real time IoT Project

Internship Program

Techsys IoT Labs is conducting a Internship Program in the area of IoT for aspiring students covering the following agenda. Interested students can register for the program throughonline registration

Day Topic Theoretical Hours Practical Hours
1 Introduction to IoT 2
2 Introduction to Sensors 2 1
3 Introduction to Micro-Controllers, Arduino, Node MCU and Raspberry Pi 2 1
4 Introduction to Integration environment to Arduino, Node MCU and Raspberry Pi 2 1
5 Working with Arduino Board, and sensors like LDR, Ultrasonic, PIR Motion, Vibration, DHT11, Water level..etc., 1 3
6 Working with Arduino Board, and Bluetooth module, and esp8266 and cloud management 3
7 Working with Arduino, and Bluetooth module and wife module with Blynk application 3
8 Review of Arduino Module works, and implementing new ideas, if any 2 1
9 Working with Node MCU 3
10 Working with Node MCU 3
11 Introduction to Python programming 2 3
12 Python programming concepts and working with Python 1 2
13 Python programming concepts and working with Python 1 2
14 Raspberry Pi 3 (or) 4 – Operating system installation 2
15 Raspberry Pi – knowing details about inside components, Working with sensors 1 2
16 Raspberry Pi – working with different components 2
17 MQTT protocol concepts & implementation of programs 2
18 MIT App inventor concepts & practical implementation 2
19 Recap of everything. 3
20 Closing of the program 1

The Cost of Internship 6000/-

To Enroll for Internship Program

79817 07075